The past few months have seen a massive change in the way we all live and interact, with coronavirus forcing us all to stay home.
I know that this has had an effect on my mental health, as I have missed the usual contact with my friends and with family members who don’t live with me. I have tried to use the time during lockdown to learn new skills, and to upgrade my policies and templates. Some days have been better than others, and I’ve learned to live with the bad days as well as the good days.
However, we are now starting to make tentative steps towards opening up society again, although the way we do things will have to be different for a while longer.
Even though aesthetic treatments are relatively low risk in terms of transmission of coronavirus, it’s still important to remember that most treatments require the practitioner to be very close to the client. It’s likely that there will be some form of social distancing for some time yet, as the search for a reliable vaccine to provide protection may take some time. Therefore, I have set up a plan of measures to ensure the safety of myself and my clients when I re-open the clinic. The measures will include:
• reduced opening hours,
• screening questionnaires 24 hours before appointments,
• reduced facilities in clinic such as WC,
• treatment couches will no longer have blankets, but disposable couch rolls will be used,
• hand sanitisers for use by clients whilst in clinic,
• PPE including masks, visors and gowns or aprons for staff, and masks for clients (depending on the treatment),
• Treatment will be strictly by appointment only, with staggered appointments to reduce number of clients on premises,
• Prompt attendance, and attending alone, to ensure only one client is in clinic at a time,
• A dedicated cleaning schedule, including between each client appointment, to make sure all surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected,
• Information will be provided in digital format, to minimise physical contact,
• No personal possessions such as coats and bags if possible,
• Payments preferably by card or bank transfer, to reduce handling of cash.
I hope this helps you all understand how I’m trying to keep clients safe once I re-open. Hope to see you soon!

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