Are celebrity skincare products worth the hype?

We all know how important it is to choose the right products to improve our skin, but are we more swayed by personalities than by results?

If you’re using the right skincare you will have improvement in skin conditions like acne, dry skin, pigmentation and sensitivity and reduce the signs of ageing like wrinkles, age spots and sagginess.

It seems like every week a new celebrity-endorsed skincare range is launched, with loads of promises about how it will transform your skin. But before you rush to click “order now”, here’s a few things you should consider.


Does the celebrity have a background or experience in skincare, or have they enlisted the help of someone who does? You wouldn’t ask your vet to paint your house, so why rely on a celebrity to advise you on your skin? Talk to an actual expert in skin, to make sure that you get unbiased advice which will actually help your skin. A skin expert will have carefully researched their products. They have had training on ingredients, how to use the different products, and will educate you on how to best take care of your skin.


Does the celebrity-endorsed skincare line have any clinical evidence that it works? If not, stick with pharmaceutical grade products with a proven track record. Pharmaceutical skincare companies put a great deal of money into researching products. This is because they use hi-tech ingredients like peptides, enzymes, plant stem cells and vitamins. They also benefit from the most advanced latest delivery systems.

Ingredients and Packaging

Ignore faddy ingredients like snail mucus, and instead focus on active ingredients with provable results, like retinol, vitamin C, or AHAs. These should be included in every skincare range, as they have the most evidence to back their claims of effectiveness.

Don’t be swayed by pretty but useless packaging. All packaging should be protective of the key active ingredients so they remain effective and don’t degrade. For example, vitamin C can quickly oxidise when it comes into contact with the air, so it should be stored in an airless and dark container.

Finally, think about how much of the marketing relies on celebrity endorsement, rather than on actual results. Are only considering buying the products because of the celebrity link?

You only have one skin; treat it with care and respect. If you want to do something fantastic for your skin – book a session with a professional skin expert to get to know your skin properly. You don’t always have to book a facial to get professional product recommendations, although this will give your skin expert a complete look at your skin. Most skin experts offer product consultations and can create a customised plan for your skin based on your concerns and their expertise.

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