How has Covid affected aesthetic treatments?

We are now starting to get back to life as it was before coronavirus wreaked so much havoc, but it’s important to consider how things have changed as a result.

The Covid vaccination programme has had a successful rollout, and the majority of adults in the UK will have had their first injection by the summer. Although the vaccination programme was put together quickly in response to the pandemic, the vaccines are safe and have gone through all the usual safety checks before they were offered to the public.

However, some reports have indicated that there may be some noticeable side effects when people have aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers in the lips or cheeks before or after the Covid vaccine. There have been reports of a very small number of reactions, such as increased sensitivity or increased swelling. There have been very few studies conducted on this subject, as the vaccination programme is still quite new, and the lockdowns in most countries over the past 12 months have meant that non-essential treatments, including aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, were postponed. Therefore, finding subjects for such studies has been difficult, and the available results have come from very small sample sizes.

This means that the results don’t necessarily reflect what would happen in the wider population. With dermal fillers, I would recommend that people consider their vaccination schedule (1st and 2nd injection) when planning their treatment, and bear in mind that more than 1 treatment session may be required to achieve the desired result. It is recommended to wait for 2 weeks either side of the Covid vaccine, although research in this area is ongoing, and these parameters are subject to change as more information becomes available. It might be worthwhile speaking to your aesthetic practitioner about alternative treatment options for the time being, until more information about the potential interactions and side effects of such treatment with the Covid vaccines is available. For example, you could consider skin boosting and bio-remodelling injections (Profhilo or Sunekos or Redensity 1) instead of dermal filler injections for the cheeks and mouth area. If considering dermal filler treatment to the lips, you could consider temporary plumping lip products, or collagen supplements to provide definition and structure to the lip area.

Once you’ve done your research and booked your consultation, remember that you are in control, and don’t ever feel pressured into having a treatment you are unsure about. If you’d like to book a consultation with me at TD Aesthetics, just use the link below to book via Glowday.

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