How to avoid sun damage in the summer

We all love summer, sunshine and blue skies are guaranteed to put most of us in a great mood. The sun doesn’t always do a lot for our skin, though. The feel of sun on bare skin is lovely, but the practicalities of sun damage, sweaty skin and sticky make up make for a different approach to skincare and make up during the summer months. Here are a few tips to see you through sunnier times without losing your cool…

Moisturise and Hydrate

Obviously you care for your skin, and you appreciate your regular skincare treatments, so you’ll want to go that extra step and protect your skin from the effects of summer as much as possible. It’s not just about SPF in your moisturizer; think about switching to oil-free to avoid make-up slippage and drink ALL the water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside. You can also hydrate with smoothies made from frozen fruit, giving you water and some of your 5 a day in one go!

Prioritize Your Sunscreen and UV Protection

There are no excuses, we must keep our skin properly protected from the sun. You absolutely need to invest in a good sunscreen with SPF and make sure that you wear it every day. Even if you wear BB Cream or moisturizer with added SPF, don’t skimp on the sun screen. Remember to keep topping it up, too – it’s a pain, but better than sunburn or sun-damaged skin. Prevention is always better than cure. For retouching your sunscreen on the go, try using an empty compact and makeup sponge. Just clean them both then soak the sponge with a good quality facial sunscreen and use it to dab on extra coverage when and where you need it.

Keep Your Face on with a Makeup Primer

A primer is a great face-saver in summer heat. It takes mere seconds to apply and should keep make-up on your face all day, even when the heat is well and truly on. Just apply a thin layer before your make up and keep a fresh face for longer.

Less Is More

Nobody likes cakey, creased looking make up, so if there’s a chance that it’s going to get hot and sweaty, keep it natural. Instead of a full face, go natural with a tinted sunscreen and a little concealer. If your skin is in great condition from regular treatments, it’ll be a great chance to show it off.

Makeup in Sheer, Lighter Shades

Strong make up colors can look too much in summer.  in summer. If you’re making up for a special occasion, ditch the deeper shades for light and pretty nudes that enhance your skin. A subtle lip won’t bleed as obviously as a vibrant shade, and paler eye color will give you a youthful ‘not trying too hard’ look.

Stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day

Although it’s tempting to want to sunbathe all day, you should avoid doing so during the hottest part of the day, usually between 11am and 3pm. The UV-A rays which cause sun damage are at their most potent during this period, so seek shade or avoid going out if you can.

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